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Top Ten reasons our staffing service will work for you!

  • I have submitted my resume, what happens next?"
    First, thank you for submitting your resume to A.S.A.P., Inc.! From here, our office reviews all submitted resumes to determine if the openings that are available may be a potential match for you. We try to review your resume within 1-2 business days and we keep your resume active for 3 weeks. If at any point during that period, we think that we have a position that may be a match for you, we will call you. We first speak with you over the phone with some general questions to further determine if we have a match, if the possibility looks good, the next step is to invite you in to the office for a complete application and interview process
  • Do you contact everyone that submits a resume?
    No, we are not able to contact every candidate that submits a resume. Why? Several reasons, actually. The first is that the volume of resumes that we receive is high and it is not realistic to call each and every one. We receive many resumes that are applying for jobs that are not the types of jobs that we represent- we do not staff for light industrial, engineering, education, security, health care and that just names a few. Second, the most important thing is that it is reviewed and placed into active status with our office so that it is considered for any available job during that 3 week period. There may not be a match today, but maybe there will be! In the meantime, we spend all day, every day hustling to find the right person to fill the available jobs. We hope that person is you!
  • Do you interview just to have a "pool" of candidates?"
    No! We are not a temporary agency that needs a lot of standby candidates. We are a placement agency. Companies retain our services to recruit for specific jobs in their office and it is our job to find the right match to that job. When we call you, it is because we genuinely think that your qualifications may be a match to a job opening. Please consider that when you come in to interview with us, we are investing as much time in the process as you are. We do not have the time or inclination to interview "just because."
  • If I complete the interview process, am I guaranteed a job?"
    I wish I could say yes, but sadly the answer is no. An interview is just that, it is an interview. Typically more than one candidate is considered for each and every position and only one person will get the role. Ultimately, the final decision is made by the client company. So keep that in mind and put your best interview foot forward!
  • How often do you call a candidate about the status of their application?
    That is a great question that lots of people ask. Here is the answer- we call you when we know something that pertains to you. If you are selected for an interview, trust me- you will know that as soon as we do! We will notify you if there are any additional questions that the hiring manager may have, additional information requested (other than during your initial appointment) or if there are any additional job opportunities that may be a potential match for you. If you have questions on the status of a position that you have been submitted for it is your responsibility to check in with our office. We focus our time working on matching candidates to a job and working with our clients on additional jobs that create more possible opportunities for you. We do not spend time just checking in. However, feel free to call or email our office and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have.
  • How long will you keep my application active for consideration of new jobs?
    That depends on you. If you have provided us with a complete application and interview process, including following up on anything that was requested during the interview (resume corrections, missing information, etc.), we are happy to work with you and consider your application as new jobs become available. However, if you don't follow up or follow the instructions that we have provided in order to consider you for the jobs, then we will make your file inactive. Period. We don't call to remind you that you did not complete your follow up. We know that you are a responsible adult that understands your responsibilities. We know that if you are serious about your job search, you will make sure that we have what we need. Remember, we only represent the best of the best! We are a liaison between you and these great opportunities and we try to set you up for success, but ultimately you are the one that needs to do the work. Proving yourself as the best candidate for the job and then proving yourself as the best employee that they ever hired!
  • What is a Temp-to-Hire job? Is it just temporary?
    No, when a company brings you onboard for a Temp-to-Hire role, the intention is to fill the position on a permanent basis. What that time is, however, is a probationary period. Really, the beginning of any new position is always probationary, so no matter what you need to use this time to prove just how valuable that you are! What should you be doing? Be on time, be there every day, take notes, stay on task, follow directions, ask questions and take any constructive criticism in a positive manner, meet all deadlines and be positive- show them that you appreciate the job and that you want to be there. ​ Can you be released from a Temp-to-Hire role? You can. We have seen it happen (not often but it does). Most commons pitfalls that you need to avoid are being late, missing work, doing non-work things during working hours and the biggest is using your personal cell phone while you are supposed to be working! Make sure that you stay focused on your goal- being a MVE (Most Valuable Employee)! If it doesn't help you towards that goal- don't do it! The company brought you in for a reason and they have begun investing in your training and they want you to have a future there. The opportunity is all yours- but it is up to you to take it!
  • I have sent many resumes to your office and did not receive a call. Why? I really want to get a position that you have advertised and I just know that I can do the job!
    First step, flip your perspective and place yourself in the other role. Imagine yourself as the person reviewing your resume. All that you have is the information on the resume (and possibly cover page). This is your FIRST IMPRESSION of a potential employee so what are you looking for? ​ No typos is very important. This is your chance to provide a sample of the quality of work that you can prepare. Does your resume apply for the job that you are applying for and highlight the skills requested? Are you presenting yourself in a way that is professional, positive, motivated and showing that you are a serious job seeker? Is the reason that you are applying for the job the same reason the company is hiring? If you are "willing to do it for now" and they need a permanent long term person, then it is not a match.

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