Top Ten reasons our staffing service will work for you!

1. Service Guarantee

When you post a position with ASAP there is no obligation that you must hire an applicant from ASAP. You only pay a fee upon hire and you will receive that in your paperwork IN WRITING! With other sources, you must pay an upfront fee with no promise of a return on your investment. After a great deal of hassle and paperwork, you may or may not find the candidate that you are looking for. A.S.A.P also offers a Cumulative Time Guarantee. We are a people oriented business and if it happens to not work out on the first try, we have a contingency plan to resolve the problem without penalty to you. That is not the case with advertising that you do on your own! If an ad doesn’t work, you have to pay again and then start the process ALL OVER AGAIN!

2. Employment Issues

You are able to have a “trial period” in which to test the water with your new employee. People are all individuals and sometimes it takes time to determine what is truly the right fit. During that time, our office handles all of the paper work and HR issues for you. We process payroll, maintain required insurances, handle all tax deposits and all new hire reporting. Further, we are a neutral third party available for any questions, concerns or necessary employee counseling.

3. Efficiency

We know that you have a busy schedule and we are here to take care of all the details! We provide you with a summary of applicants that match, handle all of the scheduling of the interviews, provide each applicant with a detailed job description and background information about your company and even take care of giving directions. Let us play phone tag, so you never have to!

4. Selection

Spend your time interviewing only QUALIFIED applicants! You know upfront that the basic skill set matches your job description. You are able to concentrate on finding the “best fit” for you organization!

5. Reference Checking

All candidates are required to supply our office with employment references. Our staff then processes the information so that you can make an informed decision about a potential candidate.

6. Interviewing

Our office spends each and every day interviewing candidates. One-on-one interviews with a 3rd party tend to reveal more truthful answers and in-depth information. Our professional staff asks the questions to target the right individual to get the job done. We do FACE TO FACE interviews and meet personally with all applicants.

7. Testing

Every applicant with ASAP is thoroughly tested. Our comprehensive testing reveals an applicant’s true skills and abilities. Many applicants have told us that our testing is among the most difficult currently in the market. It’s true! We want to be sure that the candidate is able to perform the job that you need. Have you ever been presented with a resume where the candidate grossly over-exaggerated their skill set?

8. Pre-screening

Each week our office receives and screens 100’s of resumes all geared towards the office environment. We take the time to review each resume for experience, content, grammar, spelling and overall professionalism. Hours are spent each day to ensure that resumes are processed in a timely manner and that the candidates are available when you need them!

9. Recruiting

The personal relationship that we have cultivated with our recruiting network and our outstanding reputation in the community ensures that we receive referrals of candidates that are trained, professional and qualified to do the job.

10. Advertising

Your job reaches more job seekers and receives more exposure. Our office targets many recruiting sources each and every month. We do all of the “leg work” to make sure that your position is in front of the right people at the right time.

Here are great reasons why top area companies are partnering with us for their staffing needs.

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