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How it works

for candidates

     Companies retain our services to recruit for specific positions that they have available within their office. We are similar to their Human Resources Department and are tasked to find a match for these openings. As agents of our client companies, they are charged a fee for us to find their perfect candidate for the job. As a candidate, working with us is completely free to you. However, we can only match you to positions we are tasked to fill by our clients. We do not seek out additional opportunities for specific candidates.


     As a potential candidate, the first step in the process is to submit a resume for our office to review to see if your background and qualifications are a match to the specific positions we have available. 


     If a position we are working with is a potential match based on your resume, you normally hear from us between 1 to 2 business days. Please know that if you are contacted you are being considered a potential match for a specific, available position. We do not interview just to have a 

"pool" of candidates. We may contact you to ask you any questions that we may have or see about scheduling a time to interview here in our office. 


     When you come in for an interview, the first thing we have you do is complete an application. After that, we do a face-to-face interview and have you complete computer testing based on the requirements of the position that you are being considered for.

     If the positions available aren’t a current match, we do keep your resume active within our office for three weeks. This is because as an agency our open positions change all the time. If a new position that you are a potential match for opens during that time we will reach out to you then. If three weeks go by and you still wish to be considered, please resubmit your resume.

For companies

     Associate Staffing and Placement, Inc., is a full-service staffing agency that can assist with both temporary and permanent staffing. We offer both direct placement and temp-to-hire options.


     Companies that hire through us provide our expert recruiters with the job description, pay rate, and candidate qualifications that they are looking for. Using that information, we search for the perfect person for the job. 


     We do all the hard work, "kissing all the frogs" so that only the best candidates reach your desk. We personally meet with and interview each and every candidate that we represent. Our thorough screening process includes a resume submission requirement, a telephone screening, and an in-office interview appointment that involves the application paperwork, a face-to-face interview, and a skills testing session. We also collect and check references from all of our candidates. There is more to recruiting than finding the right words on a resume and you can be sure that the time that we spend helps us to ensure that you are getting the right person to get the job done.

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